Get Started with Instagram Business

Instagram has become a popular app for those wanting to share their lives through pictures. Recently, the app introduced new business accounts which gives companies more power to reach the millions of users on Instagram. With this new and exciting opportunity to utilize Instagram in new ways, have a look at our guide to starting and maintaining a successful Instagram business account through effective marketing.

Create the Perfect Picture
You don’t need to be a professional photographer if you utilize a few simple rules to get the most out of your pictures. Remember that taking these pictures should be fun and stress-free. While you can take images right on Instagram and post them immediately, it is best to use your in-phone camera first, edit the images, and then upload them to Instagram.

Keep in mind the Rule of Thirds.
This rule implies that photos should be composed of 9 parts with two horizontal and vertical lines creating the 9 spaces. You can double check this by enabling the grid feature on your phone’s camera. Make sure the focus of the picture, for example your product, is not dead center. Check the negative space around your main focus is interesting and appealing, but not cluttered and messy.

Make sure your lighting is just right.
An image that is too dark or too bright will be more stress and time to edit than an image that has just the right amount of lighting. You don’t need a professional studio or lighting equipment to get the right light. There are numerous tutorials on how to create handmade lighting options or schedule a photoshoot outside on a sunny day.

Double check images to be sure they are in focus.
That way you don’t have to go back and retake the image, especially if you took it outside. A clean, sharp image will show you took the time and care to present your product in the best way possible.

Last but not least, don’t over think the image.
Try different angles, lighting, and backgrounds. Think simple and have fun to get the right image for your Instagram.

Getting the Image onto Instagram
Now that we have the right image, let’s get them up on Instagram! Keep these in mind while you load your pictures.

Make sure all horizontal lines are even.
Uneven images look messy. If you do have some angle in your picture, make sure the horizon in the image is in line with the horizontal lines in Instagram or on your grid.

Using the right filters
While filters can definitely enhance an image, refrain from going overboard with them. Use filters only when it really fits the photo. Any filters or edits you need to make can be done on free downloadable apps.

Ready, Set, Go!
Once you have the image fitted, straightened, and ready for posting, keep some final touches in mind. One, keep your captions short, to the point, and fitting for your brand image. Your photo should do all the talking, with the caption providing the icing on the cake. Two, don’t overdo the hashtags. The phrase “Less is More” applies in this process too. It has been shown that the more hashtags you use, the more it will look like spam and take away from your brand message. Keep the hashtag count below 10 per image. You can also create unique hashtags for your brand and encourage your customers to use them.