Growing a Successful Business with Social Media

Photo Credit: Photo by HTSABO

Most businesses have some kind of presence on social media, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. If you have a social media account, you are off to a great start. However you might be wondering how social media can grow a successful business. Small businesses know that social media is the key to attracting their target customer base to their business website or brick-and-mortar store. Just having a presence on social media is not enough. You need to know where your customers hang out, give them content that they can engage with, and have them coming to you with their friends and family. We are going to share some valuable advice to apply to your business social media accounts today.

Find the Social Media Outlet That’s Right for You

The first thing is to know who your target market is and which social media platform they are using most. There are a slew of platforms out there, such as Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Try not to be tempted to create accounts on every social media outlet there is. Your time is precious, so research where your audience is first. Depending on your business, one platform will work better for you than others. While Facebook and Twitter are a good start and have a broad appeal, look for a platform that fits your niche.

For example, Open Table is great for restaurants. Use LinkedIn if you have your own legal or financial services. Yelp works for those who can get their name out there by word of mouth and reviews.

Get Customers to Do Business with You

Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie. You can utilize check-in features on social media with a campaign for free products, coupons, or discounts. While this sort of thing will definitely attract customers from all markets to your business, it won’t necessarily keep them coming back. When using a social media campaign such as this, use a product that truly helps your audience and shows what your company is all about. A company who cares about their customers will attain more loyalty from them, even if they came just for the free stuff in the beginning.

Build a Strategy

Don’t jump right into the social media ocean without knowing your goals and objectives to use it. Social media is the current way to directly engage, interact, and keep an audience. Customers are more likely to do business with someone they can connect with or feel that the business owners truly care about their needs and concerns. Eventually, these customers will make their way to your official webpage.

Ways to connect and build lasting relationships can be answering comments in a timely manner, sharing a memorable moment about a customer, or listening to them and getting them the products and services they want.

Get Your Audience to Share

Think of ways to encourage your audience to share their experiences with doing business with you. Some platforms, like Twitter or Instagram, allow you to create a unique hashtag. Use this hashtag yourself on your social media platform, or have it within sight at your business location or website. Unique hashtags allow customers to easily share their experience with you and your business, and also gets you in front of more potential customers. Think of the hashtag as the new word of mouth.

We hope that you can use these useful tips today to get creative and start growing your customer base by leaps and bounds. Should you have any questions, we are always here to help you on your way to business success.