How to Create Engaging Facebook Content

You have your business page and are cranking out some content, maybe you have some fans too. However, when you look at your Facebook insights statistics, it doesn’t seem there’s enough engagement with the content you have. The key is to get your fans to share your content on their newsfeed, and get it in front of more potential customers. The right type of content needs to be interesting, engaging, and shareable. The tips and tricks below are something to consider when creating content, and can easily be applied today!

Show-and-Tell Time

If you have a few customers who have purchased your products and like them, invite them to share their own photos using the product on your Facebook. Potential customers that see happy customers will more likely be inclined to purchase your products. Visuals are a great way to engage your fans and make them feel more connected to you and other customers.

Like Other Business Pages That You Enjoy

By liking other business pages, whether they are a competitor or not, gets your name in front of a large array of potential customers. You can now engage with their content by sharing, liking, or commenting. By doing so, this will be shared on others’ newsfeeds and their audience will most likely travel to your own business page to see what you are all about. You can also see what types of content other businesses are creating, thus inspiring you to create similar content molded to your brand image.

Be careful not to use this tip as a way to promote your brand on another business page. Engage as if you were just another member of the community, and the rest will follow.

Conduct a Poll

Engage your audience by using a poll to get their opinions. People love it when they can feel like they are a part of a community, and that your business cares about their voices. This is also a great way to create content that your audience wants to see from you, instead of guessing at what they may want to see. You can even share the results of the poll with your audience as they may be interested in knowing.

Share a Story

Most of your fans would be elated to be asked to share their story in regards to your business and products. Have your audience submit their stories and choose one to share once a week, or however frequently you would like. Sharing these stories allow your audience to connect with each other, and builds a strong community around your brand. Also, don’t be afraid to share your own story with your audience. This is an amazing way to engage them where they will feel more connected to you as a person, rather than just a business.

Caption Contest

Do you have a funny or interesting picture featuring your product? Instead of captioning it yourself, have your fans do it for you. Everyone loves creating captions and some of them can get pretty crazy and creative. You can even make a contest of it, and have a small prize for the caption you have chosen. Make it fun and all about your fans.