How to Handle Negative Reviews

As a business, we always want to have positive reviews about our products and services. No matter how much we try, there will be a few customers who are unhappy about their experience. There is no avoiding it. Around 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. Usually it’s not the positive reviews that make their decision, but the number of negative ones.

Did you know you can use these negative reviews to your advantage? It’s easy and we are going to show you how to change it to a positive experience for you and your customers.

The Initial Response
Negative reviews will come from any area of communication you have open for customers. It could be a customer voicing their opinion or having a poor experience with your product or service. Don’t shoot back a reply that will add fuel to the fire. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you like to be responded to?

The best results play out when you respond immediately to the negative reviews.

Always thank the customer for their review, good or bad. Showing gratitude right off the bat is a sure fire way to ease the heated feelings on their end. Apologize for the experience they had, and empathize with them. Empathy with the customer, whether you think they are wrong or not, can turn them into loyal, repeat customers.

Encourage communication to happen offline, as this avoids a reality show style drama between customer and business owner. Offer your offline communication channels for them to contact you. Be sure that these also have the most amazing customer service! Avoid a pleasant response online and then have a hash out through email or phone.

If the Negative Review was Resolved…
What’s more important than turning the experience into a positive one is to acknowledge it’s been resolved. Make sure to go back to the original comment and your response. Your response should include how the issue was handled and thanking the customer, by name, for bringing their concern to your attention. We recommend a manager or owner of the business make this response and sign it as such.

What NOT to do!
We understand. No one likes having a negative review. You must remember not to take it personally. Do not attack the customer for issuing their concern. Do not blame the customer, even if they are in the wrong. Don’t use language that is inappropriate for a customer interaction. If they are especially belligerent, be sure to address it in a firm but calm manner.

Customers want to be understood. Whether they write a negative or positive review, be sure to reply in a timely manner and thank them for telling you! Negative reviews are always the best chance to convert that customer into a repeat one, plus show potential customers that you are a great company to do business with!

So, show everyone how great you are with excellent customer service!

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